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Child Protection Policy

There is a child protection policy that is now in place at United Band of Brothers {ubb}.

This policy umbrellas the whole of United Band of Brothers {ubb} including (game servers, forum’s, the main web site and Teamspeak (Our communication server).

The Child Protection Policy is in place to protect younger users of {ubb} male and female from unscrupulous adults and from situations/conversations not considered suitable for our younger element of the community.

United Band of Brothers {ubb} Admin’s and members will monitor and report any type of behaviour or incident that they feel is concerning for the safety of our younger users of {ubb} this information will be given to the child protection officer and will result in a immediate meeting of Upper management and the Child Protection Officer and discussed confidentially and a decision will be made weather to report it to the appropriate authority’s to which we have a duty to do and have no hesitation in doing so and we will give as much information from our database in helping these agencies.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Internet Watch Foundation

United Band of Brothers {ubb} is a promoter and care taker of Child Protection awareness for children whilst they are using the internet/online gaming server’s

United Band of Brothers {ubb} is aware that COD/BF2/BF2142 games are for people aged 16 years and above, However it is a parental decision for miners to participate in these online games and ukwf can not be held responsible for people under the age of 16 years, but we feel that here at United Band of Brothers {ubb} it is our moral responsibility that we provide the safest possible environment for children whilst online. We will strive ensure the safety and security of our younger users at all times.  

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Published on: 2011-04-23 (3702 reads)

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