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The United Band of Brothers was founded in July 2007.
We played primarily Call of Duty United Offensive and later also Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. We focused on a unique style of gameplay centered around maturity, teamplay aspects.
We also tried our best to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all of our members as well as visitors. In addition, we allowed anyone to join our clan as long as our rules were met.

As the ubb community grew bigger, we felt we needed to move into a new perspective to keep our members and to feel them home. Today, like in the past, we concentrate heavily on first-person gameplay. Our community is now active in all Call of Duty games, from Call of Duty United Offensive to the latest one Black ops. Also are we playing Medal of Honor 2010, F1 2010 and Armed Assualt 2.

We keep updating the website and our side activities frequently which result in more fun and better things for our members and new recruits.
At this moment we have 1 dedicated serverbox in the UK and several servers in the US and soon also in Australia 

Copyright © by {ubb} United Band of Brothers All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2011-04-23 (3139 reads)

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